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Asian-US Business Summit and Expo Aims to Build Bridges for Prosperity


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In preparation for the Asian-US Business Summit and Expo, The Greater Asia Business Association and its sponsoring organizations held a Press Conference on December 8, 2011 in the Conference Room of the Citadel Outlets.

The video below was recorded by Mr. Ben Lai, CEO, China US Business Association as an open invitation to the event.

With about 200 attendees, the panelists discussed how the forthcoming summit can help enhance the economy through trade. There were four panelists present and each gave their input on economic issues that affected both Asian and US communities.

Asian US Business Summit

Ben Lai, Chairman of the Greater Asian Business Federation, talked about trade with China. “Asian countries rise from crisis so quickly,” he said. “We decided to put our resources together to help.” Lai also explained all about China’s economic journey in becoming a very economic important partner of the US. “Take note that we have the world’s largest population. It took us 30 years, however, to get to where we are right now.”

Michael Diep

Michael Diep, inventor of the Emery Cat and a partner and co-founder of Edison Nation Viet Nam, who was in the audience posed a very important question for Mr. Lai, “Is there a way for China to protect the IP (intellectual property) of inventors?” To which Mr. Lai responded, “Build a relationship with the government first because they have control over everything.”

Another panelist, Matteo Fernandez, Chairman of the Pilipino Chamber of Commerce, Southern California discussed trade with the Phillipines. “Our community is composed mostly of  professionals. We want to cross borders and get more involved in diversified business.

Meanwhile, Bruce Ferguson, Executive Vice-President of UMS Banking and chair of Community Relations Committee of South Asian Business Alliance Network, discussed trade with India. He grew up there and that is the reason why the country is very close to his heart.

Jetza Torres, Director of Center for International Trade Development, presented her organizations entire platform. “The main thing is that we assist and support small business and help them to succeed with our services.”

The Press Conference was moderated by Atty. Alma Luna-Reyes, former editor of Forum Asia Magazine.

Asian US Business Summit 2011

There were several notable attendees including, Bobby McDonald, Chairman of the Black Chamber of Commerce and President of the Orange County President’s Council. Also present was Radi Miranda, Vice Chairman of Greater Asian Business Federation and representatives from hosts organizations including: Asian Business Women Association, Inland Empire Business Association, Cambodia American Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Overseas Marketing Services, Immigrant Magazine, Los Angeles Business Federation, Malaysia California Business Council, National Association of Asian American Professionals of Orange County, Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and many more. The event was sponsored by the Citadel Outlets located at 100 Citadel Drive Los Angeles, California.

The Asian-US Business Summit & Expo will take place from Jan. 13-15 next year at The Sheraton’s Avalon-Pomona Fairplex located at 1101 W. Mckinley Ave, Pomona, CA 91768.

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