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The China U.S. Business Association Business Program

A. China USBA, since its inception, began to implement its purpose by organizing The Conference On Economic Cooperation And Exchange For US Economy And Trade Delegation And Shangyu People’s Municipal Government in March 2005. Among many other big business owners, dignitaries and higher education executives, this conference began relations building between these industries from the United States and China.

B. China USBA holds the largest Asian US Expo in Pomona, CA annually.

C. It sponsors business conferences, networking mixers, and arranges VIP business trips to China throughout the year.

D. It has strong relationships with multiple ethnic Chambers of Commerce and government officials (such as mayors, state representatives, city council members, delegates, etc.) in the State of California.

E. China USBA has expanded its business service platform specializing in International Investments, International Business Development, Consulting in every business industry, Marketing Strategies, Financial Strategies, International Trade, Investment Management, Products or Service Branding, Entrepreneurship Planning and Guidance. China USBA Executive officers range from legal (in business and immigration), marketing, finance, insurance, real estate, entertainment, travel, etc.

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