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California Tourism Safety & Security

Mr. Ben Lai, President of the China US Business Association, was the featured panelist on the topic of  Protecting and Serving International Guests.  A global shift in traveler demographics is now underway.  Is your tourism venue ready to properly host this new wave of international guests?   One size does not fit all when it comes to addressing the safety/security needs of distinct cultures.    The panel of experts share valuable insights into what different Asian visitors are looking for in terms of safe destinations.

Here are the highlights of this session:

  • Learn how to tailor your marketing efforts to this growing segment.
  • See how you can tailor your operations to meet the needs of special groups.
  • Learn how police and security teams can best address crime prevention and tourist victimology with these guests.
  • Case studies presented by cultural professors, veteran CVB executives, leading tour operators, and experienced police personnel will illustrate key concepts.

You’ll leave this session knowing how to attract more international guests, and how to better serve them while here.

The other panelists were Ann Gallaugher, Jian Zhang, Jane Change, and Jaime Wilkes

For the complete description of the event, go to California Tourism Safety and Security Conference details.

California Tourism Safety and Security 2013

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