China US Business Association


The Cultural Program at China U.S. Business Association fosters awareness of the nuances and differences between Chinese and U.S. culture.

This awareness makes better relationships, especially in business, as one would become more accepting of the other.

Our organization holds our own events where we invite Chinese and multi cultural performers.

Chinese Acrobat Performer

We have a good relationship with the Miss Asia USA Pageant and their contestants have graciously accepted our invitations for our events.

Miss Asia USA Candidates

We also join and support other ethnic organizations that hold events like the Asian American Expo.

Knowledge is power.   By promoting and increasing cultural and educational opportunities for the younger Chinese generations in the United States – a wider, deeper and richer perspective of world cultural – as well political – awareness will be gained making more successful and profitable business relations in the future.

Through improving cultural and educational relations, tremendous economic and business opportunities become the inevitable by-product.

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