China US Business Association


The China US Business Association provides assistance to Chinese students enrolling in US colleges and universities to achieve their education goals.

The purpose of this service is to help Chinese students find the best suited education within America and provide assistance, knowledge and resources, during their stay. (regarding how to enroll the international programs, bank system, housing, transportation, food, medical emergencies, F1-Visa application and study abroad process). China USBA will assist these students in helping them achieve their educational goals. From 2008-2013, the number of Chinese students studying in America has increased from approximately 50,000 – 230,000, and the number continues to increase. We provide assistance for students ranging from high school to college (up to Master’s education).

Educational Resources:

  • Ben Lai is part of the Advisory Board Committee in RHT program, part of California’s community colleges. This is the world’s largest educational system with 112 colleges and estimated 2.6 million students.
  • Hope International University (HIU), established in 1928, (the China USBA educational department helps HIU with China program enrollment). China USBA also has the resources to help international students be enrolled in other American colleges/universities (e.g. CSU).
  • 31 of the best high schools are here in Orange County, Southern California.
  • China U.S. Business Association has more than a thousand U.S. companies related to us in all different fields. We have a legal advisory team on hand as well as business consultant services. (1- Visa rejection; we are able to work with your case, 2-job opportunities in America, 3- program provides information regarding business seminars and events, 4- help with school enrollment process)

Student Services:

A. Upon arrival, we provide consultations on continuing education for Chinese students. In addition, we offer assistance with the enrollment process.

B. We help with international student visa applications. If faced with immigration issues, we offer guidance and support to make your application process go smoothly.

C. Even if the person has been rejected before, we will do our best to obtain their visa. However, we have many successful stories.

Upon Arrival in the United States:

  1. Pick up from the airport
  2. Setup telephone (cellular service)
  3. Setup a bank account
  4. Introduction of school and housing
  5. Introduction to city and environment (e.g. shopping, restaurants, markets)
  6. Assistance with health insurance
  7. Career services/Tutoring services
  8. Assistance with medical emergencies

Case Studies

  1. When Mr. Yu tried to apply for a student visa, he was rejected six times. This will be his seventh and final attempt to obtain a student visa, so he decided to come to us for help, and he got his visa.  Now, he is in school studying.
  2. When Ms. Liu and her daughter decided to come to America, they asked us for help with their student visa. In 2014, she and her daughter came to Southern California.
  3. Ms. Liu now attends Biola University, and her daughter is studying at Sunny Hill High School.
  4. Ms. Song has a B-1 visa, but she needs an F-1 visa so she came to ask us for help. We helped her get her I-20 and now we are currently helping her with F-1 visa.
  5. Miss Shaw was rejected 5 times when she attempted to apply B-2 visa on her own.  On the 6th try she wanted us to help her, and on December 2012, she got her visa. The following year 2013, she arrived in Southern California.



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