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“Chinese investors have shown great enthusiasm in investing in the US and their investments will bring win-win results.” Cui Tiankai, The Chinese ambassador to the US. 2013

“Chinese companies can invest successfully in the U.S. if they take a holistic approach on their investments and consider not just the deal itself…” Steve Olson, a partner in O’Melveny & Myers LLP’s Los Angeles office and the former Executive Director of SelectUSA, 2013

Since 2011, the Obama Administration has welcomed Foreign Direct Investment into the United States market. America has a surplus of skilled workers, a multitude of innovative entrepreneurs, and is home to the world’s largest consumer markets. The United States wants to achieve economic growth, job creation, and increase business competitiveness resulting from foreign investment.

Mr. Ben Lai, President of China US Business Association,  is looking to connect Chinese investors with high yielding American businesses that are focused on capitalizing the rise of the United States real estate market.  Currently, the United States real estate market is over saturated with distressed assets that only financially privileged individuals or organizations can access and acquire.

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Below is a description of their Business Strategy that you can take part of.

Target Acquisitions – Looking to Acquire:

1. Commercial Real Estate
• Bulk Distressed Assets from Direct Source (REO, Private Portfolios)
• Apartments
• Hotels
• Multi-Family Units

2. Residential Real Estate
• Single Family Residences via Auctions, MLS, FSBO


Acquire Properties at discount and use various investment strategies, such as:
• Buy & Hold/Lease Real Estate
• Buy, Fix, and Sell Real Estate
• Wholesale Real Estate


Investor will receive return on their initial investment plus a percentage of the profit.
Case by Case and Depending on exact investment strategy.

Funding would go towards, but is not limited to:
• Property Acquisition
• Property Renovation
• Property Management
• Education: Purchasing, Financing, Rehabilitation, and Selling Strategies thru the Real Estate Investing Institute (


Risks in real estate are based upon initial investment, yield, and speed. Risks are ultimately determined by investment strategy, due to the time it takes to return on the investment.
• Buy & Hold/Lease = Intermediate to High Risk, Long Term Return on Investment
• Buy, Fix, and Sell = Low Risk, High Yield, Fast Return on Investment
• Wholesale = Lowest Risk, High Yield, Fast Return on Investment
We aim to participate primarily in the low risk, high yield investments.

If you would like to participate as an investor, see the minimums below
Investment Minimums:
Commercial Real Estate- $5 Million Dollar Investment
Residential Real Estate- $2 Million Dollar Investment

Market Focus:

California and other emerging real estate markets nationwide in the U.S.A.


Buy Low, Sell High
Buy Bulk Property at discount. Cherry Pick the best properties to keep for our own investments and wholesale the other properties that do not meet long term investment criteria.

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