China US Business Association


The China US Business Association (China USBA) provides its individual members and corporate members with a wide scope of business-focused information, advocacy, and services.   Corporate Membership allows all executives of the company to benefit from China USBA services.

Business Advisory Services

China USBA staff in Anaheim, CA, Beijing, and Shanghai respond to member requests on any China-related subject. Key business advisory services include:

  • Providing advice on operating issues, best practices, and investment strategies;
  • Working with members one-on-one to answer company-specific questions;
  • Briefings for US- and China-based executives; and
  • Analysis of market, regulatory, and policy changes that affect US companies doing business with China.

Private Meetings & Conferences

Through its many member programs in the US and China, China USBA offers its members and executives from corporate member firms several opportunities to engage with officials and dignitaries from the US and the People’s Republic of China, private-sector specialists and executives.  China USBA Members are invited to participate in:

  • Two major annual conferences—one in the United States and one in China;
  • Monthly business meetings in Orange County, CA Beijing, and Shanghai; and
  • Private meetings with government delegations visiting China or the United States.


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